My first attempt at e-publishing, this book became available as soon as the Apple Book Platform was launched and became a top download.

Street Photography shows some of my photographs taken in Victoria, Philadelphia and Vegas. It is a free download.

“Squared Italy” is a collection of photographs by Isabella and Rafael Perini during a family trip to Rome, Florence, Lucca, Vernazza and Milan. Between gelato and cappuccinos, they explored the neighbourhood they stayed in and captured ordinary moments of extraordinary people. These pictures are not the usual postcards of historic sites but rather of life happening in the streets of this fascinating country.

Street Photography is the challenging art of capturing up-posed moments. It was fascinating to witness father and daughter engaged and shooting together, sharing the same passion and pursuing this challenge.

The world takes turns, and these take us to places we would never have imagined visiting, bringing us back to our home. On a recent visit to the City of Goiás, Rafael rediscovered his childhood when he saw his children playing in the same streets and alleys where he once played. In “Villa Boa de Goyaz,” he portrays the simplicity and grandeur of a place that remembers his past and will always be present in his children's future. 

 Rafael Perini, doctor and photographer, was born in Brazil and adopted by Canada twelve years ago. Like Medicine, photography is the art of observation, and together, they complement Rafael's life. When he goes out to photograph, Rafael is not looking for the perfect photo, but rather that moment that we would like to remember that passed too quickly and will make us miss it.

O mundo dá voltas e estas nos levam a lugares que nunca imaginaríamos conhecer, mas também nos trazem de volta à nossa casa. Em recente visita à Cidade de Goiás, Rafael redescobriu sua infância ao ver seus filhos a brincar nas mesmas ruas e becos em que um dia brincou. Em “Villa Boa de Goyaz” ele retrata a simplicidade e a grandiosidade de um lugar que lembra seu passado e que sempre estará presente no futuro de seus filhos.

Rafael Perini, médico e fotógrafo, nasceu no Brasil e foi adotado pelo Canadá há doze anos. Assim como a Medicina, a fotografia é a arte de observar e, juntas, complementam a vida de Rafael. Quando sai para fotografar, Rafael não está à procura da foto perfeita, mas sim daquele momento que gostaríamos de lembrar e que passou rápido demais e nos trará saudades.

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